New Post in Advice!: “Am I obligated to tell my roommate about my depression, anxiety, and/or eating disorder?”

This is a complicated question because the answer depends on personal preference. If you are facing any of these challenges, it is strongly advised that you talk with someone you trust. It doesn’t need to be your roommate, but many times it may help to simply share your concerns. You can find comfort in a family member, friend, counselor, or doctor. Most important is to talk someone who will listen and be objective.

You are not obligated to tell your roommate personal details about your life. But when you live with someone, he or she may sense something is wrong and confront you. The people around you can see changes in you, both positive and negative. Sharing with them – letting them get to know you – can help bring perspective to your life. Over time, you’ll be able to judge whether you can trust your roommate with your most personal thoughts and feelings.

When you begin college, feelings of stress are completely normal. Handling stress differs for each person. Some people aren’t affected much by change, but others have a harder time and that’s okay! If change is something you struggle with, the stress of starting school will probably make it worse – and there may be the temptation to cope using alcohol or other drugs. But there are many ways to cope with stress that are not physically or mentally harmful. Try your student health center. Often times they will have a confidential counseling or wellness program at little or no cost to you. Counselors are trained to help you find answers and direction. They work with students every day and can offer support as you overcome concerns, stay healthy, and maintain your well-being.

So, whether or not you choose to talk to your roommate about what you are going through, know that there are other options to seek comfort and help. As mentioned before, talking may help you overcome these challenges and please know that there are people out there that want to help!  

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