Got a minute (and two seconds)? Check out this anti-sexism shampoo ad

An Upworthy link showed up in my Facebook feed today, and it led to this video.

It’s a really unusual approach to selling shampoo, honestly, and I applaud their efforts to draw attention to the challenges that many women still face in their careers. It’s reminiscent of the popular Dove ads that were first released a few years ago that showcased a broader (although still fairly conventional) array of body types, ages, and ethnicities than you would normally see in mass market drug store brand marketing. I like what they are trying to do here, but I wonder if it wouldn’t have been more effective if it transitioned from old-style footage of women to current day footage of women, thus illustrating a change. Doing it as “men compared to women” illustrates the problem, while doing it as “then compared to now” might illustrate the progress and/or the desired trend line.

What are your thoughts? When considering any aspect of life, are you more motivated by a description of the challenges you might face, or the progress that’s been made in a specific area that relates to your life? We’d like to hear from you.

(Oh, and PS– in case it isn’t obvious, sharing the ad isn’t an endorsement of the product. Your shampoo and grooming choices are completely up to you. We think you’re awesome no matter what sort of cleansing products you use!)


One thought on “Got a minute (and two seconds)? Check out this anti-sexism shampoo ad

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