MyStudentBody Tips For Incoming Students

Here are a few things that I wanted to share with new students who are visiting MyStudentBody due to a first-year student requirement. If you are an administrator who’d like to share these with your students, please feel free to borrow any and all of them, or just share this post!

1. It’s a good idea to use your school email address as your username. The main reason for this is to make sure it’s easy for your school to “know”  who you are when they are checking to see if you had completed the course. Also, if you use an outside email provider (e.g., your parents’ cable company, Gmail, Hotmail, et cetera), then it’s less likely any messages we try to send you (like password assistance or completion certificates) will get through.

2. We ask for a portion of the student’s Social Security number for account confirmation purposes. If a student doesn’t have an SSN (for example, an international student), or doesn’t want to share it, they can choose any similar number they can remember easily. No-one is cross-checking these with your school record. It is only used for password retrieval in the event that you forget your password.

3. New students only have to take the Essentials course (not the Student Conduct course). Here’s a hint: If the first questions are about “alcohol offenses” and you have never gotten in trouble for drinking or having alcohol at college, then you are taking the wrong course! You only need to take the modules that appear under the orange bar that is labeled Essentials.

4. It really is confidential. We can’t and won’t share identifying information about a student in connection with any health behavior reporting. The only time we ever identify a student is when we let the school know you have registered for the site, or to update them about student course progress.

5. The follow-up isn’t the same as the course. Students at some schools will get an email a few weeks after they complete the course, asking them to do a follow-up survey. It’s JUST a survey, not a whole course. Taking it will help your school understand more about how students change once they come to school.

6. If students need technical help, we are ready to assist. Students, parents, faculty, and administrators who are using the MyStudentBody site can either fill out our support form and/or contact our technical support email address (just replace the AT with an @). Typically, technical support cases are handled during the regular work-week, so don’t panic if you submit a case on Saturday or Sunday and don’t hear back right away.

7. If students have questions the site doesn’t answer, there are a lot of people on campus who are glad to help and will keep it confidential, too. Campus resources are usually listed on our site in a variety of places, but you can also find help by going directly to your school’s site, or looking at a service like ULifeline.

8. You don’t need to send us a completion certificate– we know you did it! Sometimes schools will want people to send them in to a specific address, but you really don’t have to send them to us, too.

I hope these are helpful! Let me know if there are other tips I should include in future posts!

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