GREAT campus-made video with college men speaking out about sexual assault

I was skimming through the Student Health Services listserve archives, and I came across this video that was created by the University of Arizona.

Overall, I like the concept A LOT, and I think the guys who appeared in it are pretty brave (especially knowing what some of the YouTube comments were going to be). A relatively minor quibble is that I wish they hadn’t spent most of the last portion of it saying that sexual assault makes men “look bad”– but I am glad that a good bit of screentime included men reacting with disgust and appropriately-expressed anger towards other men who rape.

If you’ve made a video like this, I’d love to see it. Send me a link!

3 thoughts on “GREAT campus-made video with college men speaking out about sexual assault

  1. Reblogged this on One Good Dose and commented:
    Hello All,
    I saw the video linked to this blog and all in all I wanted to share it as well. A lot of the research I’ve done on the institution of marriage; gender, sexuality and public policy; race, class and gender; gender and the life course; the roots of feminism and a history of sexuality has given me a large level of insight to the ways in which the aspects of our society is reflected in policies. What I have learned in my short time is that the key to bringing equity will lie with changing cultural expectations of men and putting pressure on them to change, not by pushing women to the brink, though it has helped.

    One constant critique of this video is the end where the men say they want to stop sexual assault because it makes men look bad; I would ask you to keep an open mind about that. Some would argue that this is wrong, that men shouldn’t want to stop because it makes them look bad, that they should want to stop because it is a crime against humanity, because sexual assault is wrong. While I would agree that sexual assault is wrong, I have no issues with men telling other men to stop because it makes them look bad, I wholeheartedly understand as a feminist who has women cross the street so they don’t have to pass me. And it does make us look bad,because it is wrong why is it such a bad thing to call each other out for doing something wrong?

    I like the video and I think it sends the right message, that men are standing against sexual assault, it’s time for a change. Here is another video with a similar premise:

    And here is exactly why men need to oppose other men and take a stand against privileged masculinity in the age of third wave feminism, we have a long way to go:

    Not all is lost though, here in the states we’ve removed the age limit for buying emergency contraception; this will help in deregulating young sexuality which disproportionately marginalizes women. This is something to be proud of, let’s keep moving forward.


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