Upcoming 3/27 webinar for parents: “Recovering My Kid: Parenting Young Adults in Treatment and Beyond”

MyStudentBody is primarily focused on prevention, but we are fully aware that some students arrive on campus with alcohol or substance abuse issues. In the hopes of helping to serve all students and their families, we’d like to offer a potential resource for the parents of young people who are in treatment or recovery.

The webinar is “Recovering My Kid: Parenting Young Adults in Treatment and Beyond”. It will be presented by Joseph Lee M.D., Medical Director of Hazelden Youth Services.

The webinar will offer parents of young adults in recovery answers to questions such as:

“I hear addiction is a disease but how does it really affect my child?”
“How should we approach mental health issues that come with addiction (ADHD, depression, anxiety, trauma)?”
“What happens when my son or daughter returns home from treatment?”
“What is my role in my child’s recovery?”
“What do we do in times of relapse and other struggles?”
“What kind of culture should we have in our homes to promote recovery?”

The webinar will take place on Wednesday, March 27, 2013, at 8:00 CDT. You can register here.

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