It’s official: Hazelden acquires MyStudentBody

Photo credit: Hazelden

To all of our loyal fans and customers, we have some great news!

We are pleased to announce that MyStudentBody has been acquired by Hazelden, one of the world’s largest and most respected private not-for-profit alcohol and drug addiction treatment organizations best known for their outstanding addiction treatment, recovery support and expertise on addiction and recovery issues.

It’s no secret that colleges and universities are continually looking for innovative and comprehensive ways to tackle issues like high-risk drinking and drug abuse on their campuses. We’ve featured some of them on this blog and many times MyStudentBody is the stand-out option, providing online courses for alcohol, drug, and sexual violence education for first-year students and students that violate student conduct policies.

MyStudentBody has always been a great way to educate students before they have a problem, but what about those students that need more help? That’s where Hazelden comes in. With their expertise in addiction treatment and recovery, Hazelden is able to provide schools with an extra layer of support, especially as the recovery movement at colleges and universities has been taking off. Just look at what’s being done at Kennesaw State University (a MyStudentBody customer) or at Hazelden’s new alcohol and drug-free housing complex in New York City for college students in recovery called Tribeca Twelve.

With the acquisition of MyStudentBody, Hazelden is able to help college students across the country live their best lives possible, offering not only prevention resources like MyStudentBody, but a range of services for those with addiction. We’re excited about the possibilities that are in store for MyStudentBody and for campuses across the country.

If your school is a MyStudentBody customer and you have questions about how this affects you, feel free to contact Mike Waldron, vice president of sales and marketing at or (617) 614-0404.


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