Redesigned Reports and Customization for MyStudentBody Admins

If you’re a MyStudentBody administrator, you may have noticed some big changes on the Admin pages. We quietly rolled out new reports and customization in June, and have received many positive comments so far. Read more below about the changes we’ve made.

Based on your feedback, MyStudentBody’s reports have been redesigned to give you the information administrators need at a glance. We’ve added a new Summary Report that captures the numbers you need most often: how many students have completed, passed, and failed the MyStudentBody Essentials and Student Conduct courses. The summary also tells you how many students are still in progress on each course.

The redesigned Course Completion Detail page allows you to easily generate reports based on date range and course, and on pass, fail, or follow-up status. You can also generate reports for specific students using either their last name or email address. The new Course Completion report does away with the need to “expand” the report to see students’ scores for individual sections of the course, and downloads into a spreadsheet cleanly.

With the new Student Profile, you will have convenient access to everything you need to assist a student with his or her MyStudentBody account. The Student Profile makes it easy to look up an individual student’s course completion history and gather all of the relevant MyStudentBody records on one page. You can now reset their course status or user role on the same page. You can also edit names and user IDs to make sure that they match the student’s other campus records. And, you’ll be able to help students reset their passwords if they need to.

We’ve streamlined the process of customizing MyStudentBody to your institution, with a new Course Settings page. This upgrade makes it easy and straightforward to set your passing scores and the number of attempts allowed for each section of each course, and to schedule follow-up assessments. You can still add your own logo and messaging to your MyStudentBody site, and we’ve made it easier to update links to events, policies, resources, and hotlines.

Finally, we’ve revised and reorganized our implementation support materials to make them easier to find, download, and use. With our updated templates and samples, you can create your own instructions, reminders, flyers, and promotional materials to help your students get the most out of MyStudentBody. And our new Quick Start Guide will walk you through all the current features, so you can get the most out of MyStudentBody, too.

To get a look at all the changes, simply log in with your administrator username and password on MyStudentBody. If your school is currently not subscribed, you can sign up for a guest pass.

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