April Can Be the Cruelest Month

Spring is a time of year when students may be at higher risk for stress and suicide.

The spring semester brings increased academic pressure in the form of final papers, final exams, and final grades. Students approaching graduation may worry about finding jobs, getting into graduate programs, and losing friends as they head their separate ways.

Drugs and alcohol can add to the dangers of spring. Some students drink or take drugs in an attempt to cope with stress. Others will try “study drugs” in the hope of improving their performance on exams, auditions, and job interviews. But using these drugs can trigger irrational behavior in people for whom they haven’t been prescribed, and drugs and alcohol are frequently involved in suicide attempts.

MyStudentBody’s Student Center has information for students on managing stress, the risks of study drugs and self-medication. We’ve also recently updated entries on coping with depression and what to do about suicidal thoughts—your own or someone else’s. We also have information for campus administrators on intervention programming for depression and suicide.

To access the information, go to www.mystudentbody.com, login with your username and password, and click on the Student Center tab at the top of the page.

Additional questions? Contact us.

Photo credit: http://pnhw.psychiatryonline.org/content/45/16/7.1.full

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