About MyStudentBody’s New Login Process

Last month we made some changes to our login process. These changes will enhance security for all of our visitors, and will also increase convenience for students, parents, and administrators. Here are a few highlights:

We are moving to using email addresses instead of usernames. Currently, our system allows accounts with non-email formatted usernames to access the site, but when we do our summer update (tentatively planned for June), all usernames will be in an email address format (e.g., username@yourschool.edu).

If students create their own accounts, they will still be able to use the school codes administrators chose for the institution when the MyStudentBody subscription started.

New visitors and returning visitors who have not visited the site since the update will be asked to choose and answer two security questions, and will also be asked to provide some additional demographic information. The security questions will allow visitors to retrieve their password information through the website in the event that they lose access to their login information. This means that they will no longer have to rely upon email-based password retrieval.

As always, if you need help logging in or have general technical support questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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