New Wellness Articles in the MyStudentBody Student Center and Updated Registration

The anticipated upgrades to MyStudentBody recently took effect without a hitch. Woohoo!

The new automatic password reset is up and running. Now, when students (as well as parents and administrators) forget their MyStudentBody passwords, they can click on “forgot password?” and be prompted to reset their password using security questions to verify their identity.

To facilitate secure identification for this process, we’ve also updated registration, and will be changing over to using email addresses as usernames. New sample login instructions are available on MyStudentBody Admin, under “Guides and Documents”. For more details on the changes, see About MyStudentBody’s New Login Process.

Although MyStudentBody’s Nutrition, Tobacco, Stress, and Sexual Health sites are gone, the MyStudentBody website still covers these important aspects of student well-being. In fact, we have updated articles on topics including healthy eating, e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco, talking about safer sex, and even the health implications of body art and tattoos. You can check them out in the Student Center, just log in to MyStudentBody with your username and password.

Have questions or want more information about how you can get access to MyStudentBody? Request a guest pass here.

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