Announcement: Sexual violence education a top priority in risk prevention

Contributed by Tyler Achilles, B.A.

There is more to risk prevention on college campuses than alcohol and drugs. Over the past several months, sexual violence on college campuses has increasingly become a hot-button issue. The Department of Justice (DOJ) estimates that 1 in 4 women will be the victim of sexual violence at some point during their college career.

Portrait of young woman resting on arm

Recently the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania took one of the most aggressive steps to date in combating sexual violence on college campuses, enacting a bill that requires all higher education institutions to provide sexual violence awareness education to first-year students. According to the bill, colleges and universities must offer a program that encompasses – among other topics – discussions of consent, information on protective resources and the role of alcohol and drugs in sexual violence.

Additionally, the DOJ awards several $300,000 grants each year to institutions of higher education to create programs that address this growing problem on college campuses.

We can help you effectively address this statewide mandate, secure a DOJ grant, or broaden your sexual violence programming with MyStudentBody-Sexual Violence. We developed MyStudentBody-Sexual Violence to educate college students about these issues and to support a more comprehensive approach to risk prevention. While most prevention programs concentrate solely on the role alcohol plays in sexual violence, MyStudentBody also considers the effects of drugs and requires students to explore other situations that don’t necessarily involve substance use. With the Rate Myself tool, students can test their decision-making skills and examine how they would respond in a variety of scenarios.

Within the sexual violence component and the MyStudentBody Student Center, students have access to information that provides bystander intervention strategies for identifying and reporting an act of violence, as well as resources for seeking help for a friend in trouble.

Implementing MyStudentBody-Sexual Violence is quick and easy. For more information about MyStudentBody-Sexual Violence and how it can be a part of your school’s prevention programs, contact Holly Lyng at for a demo.

One thought on “Announcement: Sexual violence education a top priority in risk prevention

  1. It is always better to educate everyone in order to avoid such violence. And I know that there are many at risk youth out there that are endangered by sexual violence. Giving them the awareness they need, can really help them stay away from any form of violence such as sexual violence, I only hope that many institutions are promoting this kind of awareness.

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