Students Learn How to ‘Take Responsibility’ and ‘Increase Awareness’ Through MyStudentBody Student Conduct Course

Contributed by Tyler Achilles, B.A.

Sometimes students don’t make the best decisions. Hey, we’re all human, right? Unfortunately, students still need to face the consequences of their actions if they violate certain campus policies, especially those involving alcohol and drugs. No, we can’t just let this one slide, Johnny. How else are you going to learn something from your experiences?

MyStudentBody Judicial Course modules

MyStudentBody Student Conduct course modules

To that end, MyStudentBody has officially launched the new MyStudentBody Student Conduct Course. Specifically designed for students who violate an institution’s alcohol policy, students will examine the themes of self-awareness, learning from their mistakes, and taking responsibility in this course. We’re confident it will help students realize and learn from their mistakes without making it feel punitive (can we get out of timeout now?). Here’s what you need to know:

For existing MyStudentBody administrators

The MyStudentBody Student Conduct Course will automatically show up on your student site’s MyStuff page. Students can take the course by clicking “Take Now” under the Student Conduct Course heading. As a campus administrator, you can easily customize the passing score, number of attempts, and follow-up assessment settings in MyStudentBody Admin, or disable this course by contacting Implementation Specialist Amy Cavender.

With this release, we’ve also added two other features including, Drinking Profile and Rate Myself data prior to 12/15/10, and a parent guide in an email-friendly, easy-to-share format. For more information or to check them out for yourself, log in with your account.

To student affairs professionals that currently do not use MyStudentBody

If you’re struggling to find the right balance between sanction, intervention, and education, try out the MyStudentBody Student Conduct Course with a guest pass. You’ll be able to preview the course and decide if it’s right for your students. This course can be purchased separately from the rest of the MyStudentBody comprehensive program.

For more information on the MyStudentBody Student Conduct Course, contact us at (800) 848-3895 x3. Current customers can call (800) 848-3895 x205.

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