MyStudentBody for 2011 is now LIVE -> Check it out!

For months we’ve been talking about the upcoming release of the new MyStudentBody. Well, the day has finally come – the new version of MyStudentBody and its flagship feature, the Essentials Course, has officially launched! If you’re a current student, faculty/staff, or administrative user, you can access the new site by simply logging in at Here’s what to expect (if you’re not a current user, learn how to check it out down below):

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Essentials Course – Students have an exciting new course at their fingertips, the Essentials Course, which will give them an educational experience regarding alcohol, drugs, and sexual violence. The new course is designed to provide a comprehensive approach to helping college students prevent and understand the risks associated with student health and campus life.

Sexual violence programming – Statistics from the Department of Justice indicate that 1 in 4 college-aged women will experience an act of sexual violence before they graduate.  Many students are unsure what constitutes an act of sexual violence, and what to do if they happen to witness or be a victim of one.  To address these issues, MyStudentBody developed the sexual violence component in consultation with Joan Tabachnick, author of Engaging Bystanders in Sexual Violence Prevention (National Sexual Violence Resource Center, 2008).  Schools that choose to implement the sexual violence component will help students learn how to identify an act of sexual violence, enhance bystander intervention, and provide resources for seeking help.

Enhanced self-assessments (Rate Myself) – Since MyStudentBody was initially launched in 2002, the self-assessments known as the Rate Myself and Drinking Profile, have been a cornerstone of the program. Based on BASICS (Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students), the self-assessments aim to encourage students to reflect on their reported behaviors and perceptions regarding alcohol, drugs, and now sexual violence. Students can see how they “stack up” against their peers in a visual format.

An engaging, interactive experience – We’ve incorporated videos, visual learning tools, and graphical assessment feedback within the free roam and course areas. The content and tone of the site is geared toward relating to college students and their daily lives. What’s important for students to know about being away from home for the first time? How do students balance academic and social lives? It’s all right there in the course or in the new Student Center.

Intuitive navigation – Need to find your certificate of completion? Required to take a course? Looking for the follow-up assessment? You can view/find them all right on the MyStuff page, a personalized home page for each student. Students will also be able to see upcoming campus events, watch videos, and get access to campus-specific resources.

**Be on the lookout for a post in the next couple weeks about an exciting way you’ll get to share your feedback about the Essentials Course and other parts of the new MyStudentBody. To make sure you get the details, subscribe to the blog by clicking “Subscribe” in the sidebar and entering your email address.

If you have questions about the new MyStudentBody, please contact Holly Lyng at or (617) 614-0415. If you’re not a current user, get a guest pass today.

4 thoughts on “MyStudentBody for 2011 is now LIVE -> Check it out!

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  4. Having this kind of essential course is a very good way to help freshmen start their schooling days and I believe that through this they will be aware on issues like alcohol, drugs and sexual violence. Not to mention that there are many at risk youth that have been involved in alcoholism, drug addiction and sexual violence. I only hope that many institutions will adapt to this kind of essential course.

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