Are you passionate about health promotion or student affairs? We want you!

Do you have a passion for health promotion and student affairs? Do people come to you for advice on how to live a healthy lifestyle? Do you encourage others to make healthy decisions about alcohol use, drug use, eating well, smoking, managing stress or other mental health issues? If so, we want you to write for us! MyStudentBody is looking for enthusiastic contributors for our website,, and this blog.

Contributors can be students, faculty, and administrators at colleges or speakers, consultants, researchers, and other professionals that work in higher education or public health. Hey students! Don’t worry about having a specific background or professional status, just be enthusiastic about sharing stories or have an interest in health-related topics (ahem, peer educators). If you fit that description, there are two ways you can help create new content:

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MyStudentBody Advice

Students across the country submit questions regarding alcohol, drugs, nutrition, sexual health/violence, stress, and tobacco within the Advice section of MyStudentBody, and we want your help answering them. If you want to contribute to this section, you’ll need to have some expertise in one or any of the areas listed above. Each month a new question will be chosen to answer and a variety of answers from different perspectives (administrator, staff, student) will be shown on Student peer educators are definitely welcome! We’d love for you to give your point of view.

Some examples of past questions and answers -> log in at -> navigate to the “My Stuff” page by clicking the Student button at the very top -> click the Advice tab in the upper right corner.

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MyStudentBloggy is the blog you’re reading right now. This blog aims to start the conversation about health promotion in higher education by giving college administrators and students a glimpse into important health issues on college campuses and how campuses are tackling them. If you contribute to MyStudentBloggy,  you’ll a create column and write a blog post at least once a month. All ideas for columns will be welcomed. To give an idea of what we’re looking for, here are some examples: a new administrator’s journey through implementing MyStudentBody on his or her campus, a student’s transition from home to college, a sexual violence educator’s tips for staying safe, etc.

Give it a shot!

You could be published on a nationally recognized website and blog. To submit your request to become a contributor, please email me ( with “Contributor” in the subject line and your name, title, college/university, area of interest/expertise, and how you would like to contribute in the body of the email.


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