How Are Campuses Using MyStudentBody?

One question we hear a lot from MyStudentBody subscribers is how other campuses are taking advantage of our comprehensive online program. We recently took a look at two such campus implementations:

Wake Forest University

Wake Forest University

Wake Forest University (Winston-Salem, N.C.) – Searching for a prevention program to supplement their required health lecture course (Health 100 – Lifestyle and Health), Wake Forest turned to MyStudentBody in 2003.

According to health educator Natascha Romeo, Wake Forest chose MyStudentBody because it “provided us with a comprehensive series of tools. We were charged with delivering a variety of health initiatives and this one was research-based, allowing us to have it go hand-in-hand with the Health 100 class.”

“The MyStudentBody-Alcohol section is especially useful,” said Romeo. “It points out information that college students might not know about. About thirty percent of our students say they do not drink at all and even they say it’s helpful since it gives you insights about your friends and the potential risks of engaging in certain activities.”

In addition, says Romeo, instructors offer extra credit to students who pursue other MyStudentBody components including MyStudentBody-Drugs and MyStudentBody-Nutrition.

“It’s been a very positive response. We really try to make it as relevant as possible for the student,” said Romeo. “We cover nutrition, alcohol, sex, transitioning from high school to college. We try to promote a healthy lifestyle from a holistic perspective, educating students about not just drinking, but drugs, and STDs, etc.”

Wake Forest administrators are able to monitor students’ progress in the Alcohol courses online, and access anonymous data on students’ self-reported behaviors. Aside from using the data to identify health challenges on the Wake Forest campus, the Alcohol course is also used in judicial matters as well, to educate offenders on the risks of their behaviors and how it can affect their education, Romeo said.

Denison University

Denison University

Denison University (Granville, Ohio) – After using AlcoholEdu for four years, Denison University was looking for a more comprehensive way to combat alcohol abuse on their campus. The Ohio-based school now implements the MyStudentBody program to students before the start of their college career.

“[MyStudentBody] was more encompassing of issues for college students beyond alcohol addiction, but also drugs and nutrition and other part of student wellness,” said Mary A. Cox, Denison’s Director of Health Education. Cox added that MyStudentBody program is easier to navigate for students and provides the most relevant, updated information.

We’d love to hear about how your school is using MyStudentBody. If you’d like to share your experiences with other MyStudentBody subscribers, send us an e-mail and let us know.

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