Plus-size Clothing for American Women

The New York Times Magazine has released an article on some of the issues surrounding plus-size clothing for sale to women in the American market. The article itself showcases a variety of viewpoints, but what I found especially interesting was the copious comments that followed. Some of them were genuinely amazing– just as interesting and informative as the article. Others were shockingly abusive. Anyone interested in the intersection of health, culture, and body image should definitely take a look– but if you are struggling with an eating disorder or body image issues, tread lightly, because there might be some triggers.

Since we focus so much on alcohol, drugs, and prescription medications at MyStudentBody, you might have forgotten we actually cover other areas, including Nutrition. And, as it happens, that module has some really great content about body image, too. Log in and take a look the next time you get a chance!

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