How To Implement a Raffle as an Incentive – 6 Easy Steps

By Amy Cavender

One of the suggestions we make to people who are looking for either an incentive to encourage voluntary use of MyStudentBody, or who are looking to sweeten a requirement, is the use of a raffle. But, how do you actually do that?

Here’s one way to do a raffle that is both easy and green:

  1. Determine your prize, start and cut-off dates, and eligibility criteria (e.g., completing a course).
  2. Announce your program
  3. At the end of your entry period, run a course completion report for the course(s) that you had decided would be eligible
  4. Export the course completion report to excel and sort it by date
  5. Go to, and set the minimum to 2 and the maximum to the number that corresponds with the last line of the spreadsheet, and click generate.
  6. Voila! You now have a random number that will correspond with the number of a line that has the name of the winning student!

You may want to have a witness or two with you, just for kicks, but that seems optional to me.

What do you think?

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