Using prescription drugs to get an edge in college?



We have a lot of content about the proper use and potential abuse of study drugs in the MyStudentBody-Drugs module. One of the potential uses for it is to educate patients about study drugs before dispensing them on your campus. We try to encourage students to use them correctly (if they have a prescription), not to share (so that they follow the law), and to store and dispose of them correctly (so they don’t damage the environment, or start a friend down a bad path). Several of us work together on maintaining and improving the module, so we are always keeping an eye out for news about study drugs.

Yesterday, this link from a CBS News package about study drugs made the rounds at MyStudentBody HQ. There are a lot of components to it (including some videos that you could probably use in your classes if you teach a peer education course or first-year seminar), but I think the thing that I found most interesting was that there were a few people interviewed for the article that said that they thought using ADHD drugs to modify the function of brains without ADHD was the future.

What do you think? If you could make yourself “smarter” or more energetic than you already are as a healthy person, would you do that? Why or why not? Is it cheating, or just taking every opportunity you get to improve yourself?

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